spring cleaningFresh Air Home Cleaning Decatur, GA is the leading cleaning company in Decatur, Georgia. We have been offering superior quality cleaning services to a wide range of clients, including residential homeowners and business premises. The rapid expansion of our customer base over can be attributed to the diligence we put in ensuring that everyone who seeks our services gets a sparkling clean home in return.

Our Top Objectives

Our specialty is to provide high-quality cleaning services. Our chief objective is to make sure that all our clients receive excellent cleaning services that are worth every penny they give out. To this effect, we have a variety of customized cleaning services that caters for our clients’ needs. Among our most demanded services include:

– House cleaning
– Apartment cleaning
– Move in and Move out cleaning
– Carpet cleaning

Making Your Apartment Gleam

cleaning in progressDepending on the size of your apartment, we offer thorough cleaning services that focus on each area of the house. In the bathrooms, we dust off the surfaces and clean the floors, toilets and mirrors. We also scrub the tile walls and bathtubs and ensure that every surface is spotless. Similarly, in the living areas and sleeping quarters, we dust off the surfaces and clean the floors. We also clean every door frame and make sure that the furniture is well dusted and arranged. For apartment kitchens, we focus on cleaning the countertops, glass top surfaces, and sinks. We also shine the chrome fixtures and carefully clean all the front parts of each appliance and the inside of the microwave. We do not leave out the range as we ensure that all its parts are cleaned.

Move into a Clean, Well-arranged House

Our cleaning services for clients that are either moving in or moving out are tailored to ensure that your move is stress-free, and you begin life in an impeccably clean house and leave your old house spotless. We will not only clean as per your instructions but also ensure that your entire house is organized and tidy.

Maintain a Spotless and Well-Kept Carpet

Carpets can bring warmth and an aesthetic quality to any house. However, if left unclean, they can harbor allergens and germs. If your carpet has begun to show signs of distress and dirt, we have the right tools to bring back its shine. Our Decatur carpet cleaning services are favored because we use the best machines and gentle detergents that will leave your rugs spotless without destroying them.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

(i) We Offer Green Cleaning ServicesCleaning icons
Green cleaning is part of each of our services. We have embraced clean energy and green detergents so as to preserve the health of our staff and customers while at the same time conserve the environment. Whenever you seek our services, you are assured of green cleaning.

(ii) Flexible Cleaning Schedules
All our services are flexible, and clients who have personal housekeeping plans can always discuss with our team about this. You can also opt to have us clean your house on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis depending on your schedule. Our customer care team is readily accessible to help you schedule your bookings.

(iii) The Most Reliable and Safest Cleaning Services
Our customers have learnt to trust us over the years because of our reliability. We have never had a no-show and with our team on board, you will never have to deal with cancellations or liabilities. We also avoid taking risks with our clients’ property and homes, and this is why we are insured and bonded. You can thus relax when we clean your house because you are guaranteed of safety.

(iv) Work With a Professional Cleaning Team
Our team of maids is usually recruited through a rigorous process. Apart from the thorough background check-ups, we focus on hiring individuals who have people skills and emotional intelligence. This explains why our maids have gained a reputation for being courteous and following instructions. We also provide special training to ensure that our maids offer you excellent housekeeping services. We conduct such training on a regular basis to sustain the high cleaning standards that we have set.

Free Quotations and Consultations

Various household cleaning supplies in a box. Pure white background, soft shadows.Seeing is believing, and if you want yours to be the cleanest house on the street, we encourage you try our services at Fresh Air Home Cleaning. We promise that our housekeeping services will leave your home spotless. We have free quotations and consultations, and we can work together to form a cleaning plan tailored to your needs. Try us today and get a breath of fresh air from our housekeeping services.

Are you struggling to carry out house chores? Our work is to help you maintain a spotlessly clean home Fresh Air Home Cleaning Decatur, GA.