Apartment Cleaning

Various household cleaning supplies in a box. Pure white background, soft shadows.A dirty apartment can create feelings of discomfort and make you hate your apartment. Fortunately, a busy schedule is no longer an excuse for not having a clean apartment. Fresh Air Home Cleaning services can help you maintain the highest standards of cleanliness regardless of your busy working schedule. Our exceptional cleaning services have transformed many homes and made them habitable.

Customized Apartment Cleaning Services

All our apartment cleaning services are specially tailored to the needs of the client. Your opinion matters to us, and we are ready to tailor our cleaning plans to your preference. Nonetheless, we normally have a very thorough system that ensures your apartment remains clean and disinfected after our services.

The rotational detailed cleaning system is done in two phases. During the initial visit, our maids do a thorough cleaning throughout the house. However, they pay particular attention to your kitchen and bathroom areas. On the next schedule, the maid will clean the whole house while focusing on the living areas and bedrooms. Special detergents are used to clean every corner of the detailed areas. This guarantees total disinfection and a germ-free area.

In general, when you call us to clean your apartment, you can expect the following services to be done:

– Removing cobwebsCleaning kitchen with spray and sponge
– Wiping of all surfaces
– Scrubbing of floors and tiles
– Thorough dusting
– Wiping of all doors and door frames
– Shining chrome fixtures and mirrors
– Cleaning of all appliances
– Cleaning all parts of the range

This cleaning list may not be exhaustive, and this is why we tailor all our services to deliver the best housekeeping services that will leave your home sparkling clean.

Flexible Apartment Cleaning Schedules

Since we operate flexibly, you can choose the most convenient schedules for your apartment cleaning. We have many dedicated maids who are always ready to clean your apartment from top to bottom. You only need to contact us anytime and our customer care team will schedule your cleaning appointment.

Even if you are too busy during the weekdays, we can schedule cleaning appointments over the weekends. Our cleaning arrangements vary from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and even one-off cleaning services. Once you schedule a cleaning appointment with us, you are guaranteed that we will not cancel or arrive late.

Safe and Reliable Apartment Cleaning Solutions

You can trust us to clean your apartment even if you have valuables in it. We only hire maids who are responsible and trustworthy. Furthermore, we are bonded and insured and as such we handle any liabilities that occur during our services.

Our services are very reliable because of the amount of training that we have put our employees through. You are assured that your apartment will be cleaned as per your instructions. Our cleaning services are also undertaken with your health in mind. This is the primary reason we have been able to go to great lengths to infuse the concept of green cleaning in our apartment cleaning services. You are assured that all the detergents we use in your home are environmentally friendly and as such cannot harm you or your family.

If you want an apartment that is sparkling clean and flexible cleaning schedules at reasonable costs, go no further than Fresh Air Home Cleaning Services. The excellent housekeeping services provided by our maids will leave you content and happy.

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