Green Cleaning

spring cleaningFresh Air Home Cleaning is one of the first cleaning agencies to be fully engaged in providing green cleaning services. We are proud to be a cleaning company that literally brings fresh air to our clients’ homes while conserving the environment.The reason to go green in our cleaning services is motivated from our genuine concern and care for our clients. We know the harsh effects that synthetic detergents have caused, and we seek to reverse this trend by offering genuine quality green cleaning services.

What Exactly Is Green Cleaning Service?

The concept of green cleaning might not be very well known to a majority of homeowners. This is a method of cleaning that employs the use of detergents and tools made from organic and natural materials.

The essence of green cleaning is to reduce pollution to the environment and minimize health risks caused by toxic synthetic chemicals found in most of the unnatural cleaning detergents. Green cleaning can include using both factory-made detergents and natural home remedies to clean your house. Apart from the detergents, there are also green methods and tips for maintaining cleanliness around the home.

Why Should You Seek Green Cleaning Services?

Did you know that out of 17,000 petrochemicals that exist for usage at home, 70% are yet to be tested for safe exposure to human beings and the environment? Furthermore, many cleaning detergents fall under the 63 synthetic chemical products that are found in the average American home. It is no wonder, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that indoor air of most homes are five times more toxic compared to outdoor air.

These alarming statistics are clear indicators of the urgent necessity of embracing green cleaning services. If your home is not the safest place, then there is cause for alarm. This is why at Fresh Air Home Cleaning we provide our clients with top of the range green cleaning services. This not only safeguards their health but also reduces carbon emissions and enhances environmental conservation and sustainability.

When Do We Conduct Green Cleaning Services?

Cleaning iconsAt Fresh Air Home Cleaning, we hold our clients in such high esteem that we offer green cleaning services at all times. Whether we are cleaning your apartment or carpet, you are assured that we will use green products.

The health of the clients whose houses we clean is a priority, and this is why we have chosen to go green in our cleaning methods. We also provide green cleaning tips and methods that our clients can embrace in their daily routine. Green cleaning has made us even more popular among our clients as they know that we care for their health and the environment.

What Is Unique About Our Green Cleaning Services?

You might wonder what makes the green cleaning services offered by Fresh Air Home Cleaning unique. As experts in green cleaning, we are aware that not all detergents that claim to be green are organic or natural. We have learnt to distinguish the main ingredients that are toxic and those that are natural.

Our ability to make the distinction between fake green cleaning products and the real deal makes us unique. This is because many companies do not make this differentiation and end up using toxic products in your home. If you want the genuine green cleaning services, then we are the best people to contact.

Apart from this, we also allow for flexibility among our clients. We know that some of our clients might have their own green cleaning methods. We have trained our maids are trained to embrace such methods and tailor cleaning services to meet the standards of each client.

Why not try green cleaning services today and protect your health and environment?