House Cleaning

Cleaning iconsA clean home is a healthy home as it gives you a sense of tranquility and belonging. Unfortunately, due to busy schedules, it may be difficult to find time to clean your house regularly. This is where we step in to assist you to maintain high levels of tidiness in your home regardless of your schedule. At Fresh Air Home Cleaning, we provide exceptional housekeeping services for clients all over Decatur, GA.

Our cleaning services have gained a lot of popularity because of the meticulousness of our cleaning team.

We guarantee that when you ask us to clean your house, you will get the following:

– A spotlessly clean house

– Timely cleaning services offered at your convenience

– Polite and courteous maids

– Safety within your home

Our reputation in giving houses a sparkling and polished touch with a whiff of fresh air has been built out of sheer dedication to our clients and high standards of cleanliness.

Our Detailed House Cleaning Routine

Every home contains some amount of germs and dirt, and our job is to ensure that your home is free of either. When you contact us to clean your house, we inspect it and give you a cleaning plan tailored to your needs. We also give you room to add your voice on what needs to be done and how the cleanliness will take place.

cleaning in progressEssentially, we combine detailed and thorough cleaning to ensure that your house remains spotless and free of germs. Our detailed cleaning routine is divided into two phases and can be done in two visits. On the first phase, we thorough clean your entire house but pay special attention to every corner, crevice, and item in your kitchen and bathroom. We will also use special disinfectants on these areas.

The second phase also involves thorough cleaning of the entire house with a special focus on the sleeping areas and living room. After these first two detailed routines, your house will never be the same as the dirt that had piled in hidden corners will be gone. In subsequent visits, we will continue to maintain similar routines.

We have been using these routines for some time, and the results are evident in the homes of our clients. Not only does this system enabled us to disinfect the house, but it is an excellent technique of deep cleansing every area in the room despite short time schedules.

Why We Stand Out From Other Cleaners

We know that there are many other cleaning services, but Fresh Air Home Cleaning services are unique because they are tailored on the clients’ needs. We tailor our services according to your needs and offer housekeeping services scheduled at your convenience.

You can schedule for your house to be cleaned at any time that is convenient for you. Our maids will come in on a weekly basis, twice a week or even monthly, depending on your schedules. We also use green cleaning methods to enhance cleanliness while preserving health and the environment around.

Our Professional Ethics

We endeavor to impress you with our cleaning techniques as well as professionalism. Our maids are highly trained and skilled hence; you can trust them to turn your house into a germ-free and spotless zone.

When you contact our services in cleaning your house, we always arrive on time and take full responsibility of all our activities. Our entire business is bonded and insured including the maids and the equipment. As a client, you are guaranteed in case of any accident, you are protected from any liabilities.

What are you waiting for? We are ready to clean your house and turn it into an enviable spotless space.