Move In/Move Out

Various household cleaning supplies in a box. Pure white background, soft shadows.Moving from one house to another can present a lot of challenges. Usually, there is so much to be done during this period that cleaning the new or old house might be the last thing on our minds. If you are moving, you do not have to stress over cleaning and packing at the same time. Our maids at Fresh Air Home Cleaning Services can easily clean your houses for you and ensure that you start life in a new, clean home full of fresh air.

We have made moving much easier for most of our clients by offering them thorough cleaning services to both their old and their new houses. Your work is just to contact us with the appropriate time schedule, and our professional cleaning team will come armed with all the appropriate detergents and tools to help you out.

Why are Move In and Move out Cleaning Services Important?

Besides the stress of moving all your stuff into a new home, there are many reasons why you should contact us to have your new house professionally cleaned. In most cases houses stay in the market for long before they are occupied. Professional cleaning services is thus needed due to the high number of allergens and germs that accumulate in such houses. You, therefore, need our cleaning services to avoid risky allergens and germs that can cause undesired effects on your health.

Furthermore, with so many things to pack, it may take a long time before new homeowners settle down to thoroughly clean their new houses. Our team of professional cleaners, on the other hand, can handle all your cleaning needs in less than a day and ensure that your new house is move-in ready. You also need to clean the house that you are moving out of as a sign of courtesy and also to pave the way for the new tenants to move in. All this work may be too much, but our maids can simplify it for you by thoroughly cleaning both houses.

What Do Fresh Air Home Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services Entail?
At Fresh Air Home Cleaning services we strive to offer exceptional move in and move out cleaning services. We know that new houses that have remained vacant for long have the potential of creating serious health problems for our clients, and this is why we offer detailed cleaning services for them.

When you seek move in and move out cleaning services from our team, you can expect your house to be thoroughly disinfected. This involves using strong environmentally friendly detergents to clean up your new home from top to bottom. Some of the detailed cleaning activities that we will undertake include:

– Cobweb removal
– Thorough dusting
– Wiping all the surfaces
– Scrubbing all the floors and tiles
– Wiping of all doors and door frames
– Cleaning all the windows
– Shining chrome fixtures and mirrors
– Cleaning of all kitchen appliances

Depending on the new house, we can add so many other cleaning activities to this list. Ultimately, you can trust our maids to do a thorough job of ensuring you enter a new, sparkling clean home.

Why Should You Choose Our Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services?

Fresh Air Home Cleaning is renowned for offering the best cleaning services in Decatur, GA. We offer tailored cleaning services, and you can thus be assured that our well-trained maids will clean your new home according to your instructions.

We are also insured and bonded, and you can relax in the knowledge that we are capable of handling any liability or tax issues accruing during our work. Our cleaning schedules are very flexible, and you can book our well trained and highly experienced maids at any time convenient for you.

We guarantee excellent cleaning services to make your move much easier. Our customer care team at Fresh Air Home Cleaning is ready to offer you free consultation and estimates.