spring cleaningMaintaining a spotlessly clean house has never been an easy task. However, with Fresh Air Home Cleaning Decatur, GA, you are assured that your house will be sparkling clean. We have gained a lot of reputation and expertise in offering professional cleaning services to our esteemed clients.

Our huge client list has been the recipient of our obsessive housekeeping services and you, too, can hire us and let our maids impress you with their thorough cleaning techniques. Many can argue that they do cleaning services but few, if none is attentive to detail like we do. Cleaning is our passion, our obsession and our job.

Below are some of our key services that you can benefit from

House cleaning
Apartment cleaning
Move in/ Move out cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Green Cleaning

Detailed House Cleaning Services

We have a unique two-phase detailed house cleaning system for our clients. When you hire us to clean your house, our maids will not only clean the house thoroughly but also pay detailed attention to your kitchen and bathrooms during the first visit. On the next visit, they will thoroughly clean your house and extend the detailed cleaning routine to the living and sleeping quarters. This will ensure that your house is thoroughly disinfected and sparkling clean. We know where stains collect, and areas where mold dominate. We have an eagle eye in performing thorough inspection, to ensure these little areas which many assume, get the right cleaning they deserve.

Tailored Apartment Cleaning Services

cleaning in progressBesides being divided into a tow-phase detailed plan, our apartment cleaning services are also tailored to your personal preferences. Our maids will usually do thorough scrubbing of floors, tiles and walls. They also remove cobwebs, soil dusts, stains, pet wets, wipe surfaces and shine all the chrome fixtures. You are thus assured of a spotless space when you come home.

Minimize Stress with Our Move in/ Move Out Cleaners

We know the kind of pressure and stress is experienced by those moving out of an old house and to a new place. This is why we aim to take away stress off your shoulders by cleaning your old house and new place. After all the hustle of packing your stuff and carrying boxes, our maids will ensure that you get the cleanest house to rest and relax in. We can also clean your old house and make sure that you leave it gleaming for the next occupants.

Maintain a Spotless Carpet

In as much as carpets are the center of the attention in a house, they can sometimes be sources of embarrassment. You do not want your guests to find spots on your rug. Neither do you want to expose your family to germs and allergens that accumulate on unclean rugs and carpets. We have the best machines and carpet friendly detergents that will ensure your carpet retains its polished look while smelling fresh and clean. We understand that different types of carpets and rugs require different kind of cleaning. Be sure that our experience and expertise will offer the right service you need.

Get Green Cleaning Services

We have embraced the green cleaning technology, and when you hire us, you are guaranteed of maximum protection. Our green cleaning entails the use of detergents that are Eco-friendly and human-friendly. You can therefore relax and be assured that your family will not suffer any allergic reactions from our cleaning services.

What Makes Fresh Air Home Cleaning Decatur, GA Unique

Cleaning iconsYou might be wondering why you should choose our services from all the other cleaning services. At Fresh Air Home Cleaning Decatur, GA, we uphold superior quality cleaning standards, and our work speaks for itself. We assure you that you will get value for every single cent you pay for our housekeeping services

– Our maids are well trained and renowned for their courtesy and dedication.
– Our services are flexible, and you can contact us to clean your home weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even once in every few months. We have a great team that will work tirelessly to help you schedule your cleaning time.
– Our services and entire team are insured and bonded, and you can relax as we clean your house because, in case of any accidents, we will take liability.

We also have a reliable team of maids, and you will never receive any cancellations or poor service from us. Contact us today for free cleaning consultation and quotation from our team.